Who is Mr Stanley?

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The origins of Mr Stanley’s confectionery can be traced back to North Yorkshire, England circa 1800. Mr Stanley has always had a penchant for the finest confectionery, and travelling the world he discovered some of the most splendid treats and exotic flavours to bring back to the British public.

One of Mr Stanley’s great pleasures was the making of special sweets to share with family and friends. The fragrant aroma of brown sugar, molasses and natural flavours from faraway places was a sure sign that Mr Stanley was in the kitchen! So popular were his gatherings that in 1843, Mr Stanley decided to go into commercial production of his treats.

Despite his travels, his favourites were the British made Fudges, Honeycombs, Toffees and Coconut Ice, still made today in the good old fashioned way. Many of his confections are made in copper pots, using traditional recipes on open gas burners, which further enhance the final taste of the candy (perhaps that’s what makes these sweets so difficult to stop eating!)

New to his range is a sumptuous Rose & Lemon Turkish Delight that he found in the heart of Istanbul (or Constantinople as it was known then!), the finest Original Liquorice Twists from Italy and the most scrumptious Lemonade Fizzies from right here in the United Kingdom.


To further enjoy his delights, Mr Stanley created yet more delectable confections in his master kitchen. However, being unable to keep pace with demand he agreed with great reluctance to share his recipe with other specialists, such as a Master Baker who now produces Mr Stanley’s Biscuits. This unique assortment of biscuits are made using original recipes containing all of his favourite confectionery fudge, toffee pieces and coconut. ‘There is nothing like the flavour, texture and quality of a traditional old fashioned biscuit!’ commented Mr Stanley to his Master Baker upon tasting his work.

Mr Stanley’s brings together his signature range of traditional British Confectionery displayed in distinctive striped packaging from Fudge to Chocolate Creams, Biscuits and Turkish Delight. In an age of convenience and mass production, Mr Stanley prides himself on producing a range that will transport you back to bygone era.

Today Mr Stanley now offers a total of over 50 delectable products for you to enjoy. Please contact him at for further information or to request a brochure.